Muffoletta: Southern or Italian dish?

Muffoletta: Southern or Italian dish?

Muffoletta: Southern or Italian dish?

By Brenda Cavallario, executive chef & ownerBy BRENDA CAVALLARIO
Executive Chef & Owner, Cavallario’s Cucina

The Muffoletta is actually Southern Italian, originating in the regions of Sicily.

A bright and bold combination of marinated veggies and olives that create a salad like relish that tops cured Italian deli meats & cheeses, all nestled between rustic Italian bread that is crispy on the outer while being dense & soft on the inner.

The Muffoletta made its way from Italy to the U.S. in the early 1900’s by Sicilian Immigrants who made their way into New Orleans, Louisiana, to begin a new life of freedom & prosperity. A combined effort by a baker of the Muffoletta bread, and a grocer who sold the other goods, put together the traditional Muffoletta and introduced our America to a wonderful Italian Sandwich.

Wow your family with this Italian Style Sandwich and share a little bit of Italian Tradition around your table.  Mangia ~ Mangia!


1. Purchase a loaf of hearty Artesian baked bread from your local bakery.

2. Choose a great salami, cured ham and pepperoni sausage.

3. A mild cheese like provolone combines well.

4. Create your own unique “salad” by combining sliced kalamata and green olives, chopped celery and red

onion, chopped sweet roasted peppers, pepperonchinis and fresh garlic.

5. Toss “salad” with two (2) parts balsamic vinegar and one (1) part virgin olive oil. Marinate to develop flavors.

6. Now assemble your Muffoletta sandwich being generous with all ingredients!


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